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OpenupEd partners are higher education institutions with long-standing expertise and experience in life-long, open and flexible learning (such as the open universities). We apply innovative didactics and pedagogies that are geared to self-study and so-called independent learning. We recognize the importance of sharing our models reflecting this learner-centred tradition. We see MOOCs and more in general OER as important drivers for modernizing the higher education system to become more open and online. The research by OpenupEd-partners focusses on how MOOCs can adequately contribute to the global ambition of 'Opening up quality (higher) Education for All'.

Although there's a clear diversity of institutional approaches, the partnership has agreed on a framework of common features for its MOOCs in order to open up education to a maximum level. All partners distinguish themselves from other MOOC-providers on the basis of these common features.

The partnership is based in many European countries and even outside Europe. An increasing number of universities in other countries, also in other parts of the world, will enlarge and broaden the partnership.

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