Psychotechnology and Learning Processes

Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO

Course main objective is to show how psychotecnologies impact on cognitive processes, extend mind potential and modify interaction models among people coming from different cultures. Course will analyze the historical flow from technology to psychotechnologies: from physical abilities and body capapabilities improvements tools, to cognitive and intelligence enhancing. Special attention will be paid to communication technologies and their specific languages, to theri historical sequenciality, to knowledge transfer communication models and therefore to teaching methodologies and learning processes: from orality to writing, to electricity, from analogic to digital technolgoies. The course will explore the ways psychotechnologies, and specifically the Web, influenced socialization dynamics, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and how the shift from collective intelligence to connective intelligence has taken form.


Language: Italian


Duration: 0 weeks

Hours of study: 225 hours

EQF-Level: EQF level 6 - Bachelor's Degree

Rights: Other

Requirements: No

Free of charge

Delivery mode: Learn anywhere online

QA: Yes


Full course experience

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