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OpenupEd is not using nor advocating one single MOOC platform for all the partners, because most of them are operating successfully using their own platforms. If you are interested in acquiring a MOOC platform for your own MOOC(s), OpenupEd can offer you multiple choices of platforms depending on the language and the pedagogical model of your MOOC.

Please contact the OpenupEd secretariat if you are interested in becoming a partner and/or are looking for a MOOC platform that fits your aims.
Note that OpenupEd aims to be a distinct quality brand embracing a wide diversity of (institutional) approaches to open up education via the use of MOOCs, rather than restricting to one platform, model, or approach as is common to most MOOC providers. As such, OpenupEd embraces a decentralised model where the institutions take the lead. They also have control over the types of interactive components embedded in their MOOCs, the language(s) used, and their possible embedding of MOOCs within the curriculum. Indeed, diversity in how institutions approach MOOCs and open education is cherished as an important value in the OpenupEd partnership. Also valued in this partnership is equity and quality.

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